We offer total commitment and the highest dignified care every time.

Why Choose Us


  • We service all client families with total commitment and care
  • We travel all over Melbourne
  • We offer a quality and dignified funeral service each time
  • We offer support and advice to help our clients arrange the funeral of their choice
  • We offer a choice either of Burial or Cremation
  • We offer experienced and trained staff on all our funerals
  • We pride ourselves on our high professional standards and ethics
  • Our prices are affordable and competitive
  • Every person is unique, therefore each funeral is unique and is talored to the wishes of each individual person
  • We also do exhumations and repatriations for overseas
  • Funerals can take place either during the day or in the evening
  • We are 100% Australian Owned


Tel: (03) 9465 9491

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