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Arranging A Funeral


The Funeral Director's role is to assist the grieving family in every way. From the minute the first call is received, to the transportation of the deceased to our Funeral Home, to arranging the funeral with the grieving family right through to conducting the funeral as discussed.


When A Death Occurs

Death can happen at any given time and it can occur at home, work, hospital, overseas, etc. It can be sudden, accidental, tragic or after a long illness. Even though death in today's society is no longer looked upon as it was many years ago, our modern society looks upon a funeral as 'A Celebration of Life', but when a death occurs it is still a very difficult and emotional time.

At some point in life each one of us will have the difficult task of arranging the funeral of someone we love or someone we know. We at Basilica Funerals understand this and are ready to help grieving families in every aspect of the Funeral Arrangement.

Arranging the funeral can be done either in the privacy of your own home or at our funeral home.



Decisions and Options

When arranging a funeral, there are many decisions to make and many options to be considered including:


  • Choosing the desired funeral service
  • Day, time and venue of the service
  • Religious or non religious service
  • Will it be a burial or creamtion
  • Which cemetery or crematorium
  • Who will lead the service Clergy, Civil celebrant etc..
  • Will there be a viewing
  • what type of coffin or casket
  • Will there be music or musicians required
  • What type of flowers
  • Will there be newspaper notices & which paper
  • Will there be donations made to a specific organisation in memory of the deceased
  • Is a memorial book required
  • Is video taping required
  • Are order of service booklets required


These are only a few of the decisions a grieving family are faced with at the funeral arrangement, our aim at Basilica Funerals is to help the family make these decisions in a calm and composed manner.



Types of Services

There are 8 different services which Basilica Funerals provides:


1. Traditional Dual Service

The traditional dual service involves a service at the Church of your choice, or any of our Funeral Home Chapels followed by a procession to the cemetery or crematorium with a brief final ceremony with mourners present.  This service also includes a Rosary or Christian Vigil Prayers the night prior, if desired.


2. Double Service

The double service involves a service at a venue of your choice followed by a procession to the cemetery or crematorium with a brief final ceremony with mourners present.


3. Single Service No 1

This involves only one single service at either a Church , Home, any other venue or at a Crematorium Chapel of your choice.


4. Single Service No 2

This involves only one single service at our Funeral Home Chapel followed by a burial or cremation at any cemetery of your choice with NO family members or mourners present at the cemetery.


5. Direct Committal

No provision is made for a Funeral Service or the attendance of mourners at any point of the funeral. The Funeral Director will arrange for a private burial or cremation at the cemetery of your choice.


6. Priest or Religious Sister's Funeral

This service is the same as the Traditional Dual Service but is carried out according to the Church's and Religious Congregation's Law.


7. Exhumation Service

This includes the exhumation service only with no second funeral, family members may attend the exhumation and reburial if they wish.


8. Repatriation Service

This includes a repatriation service only with no funeral taking place in Melbourne and with no family members or mourners present.