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Pre-Paid Funerals



As a Modern Society we are always planning ahead for so many of life’s situations such as planning for our retirement, accident cover, private health cover, life insurance, holidays and the list goes on. What about our Funeral Arrangements?


Here are 7 Good Reasons as to Why Pre-Pay Your Funeral



  1. The Funeral Plan you choose is tailored to your personal needs and wishes.
  2. It gives you and your family peace of mind.
  3. It relieves an enormous amount of emotional and financial stress on your family.
  4. You purchase your Funeral Bond at today’s prices which means the price of your funeral is fixed forever, regardless of inflation or future funeral price increases.
  5. Your funeral investment is considered exempt from the Centrelink Income and Assets Tests, therefore protecting your pension entitlement.
  6. Your pre-paid money is invested with “Funeral Plan Management” a subsidary of "Lifeplan Funds Management" in a safe and secure Funeral Bond in your name, and the money can only be redeemed upon death.
  7. There a 2 methods of payment. You can pay either in one lump sum or pay by monthly instalments over 1, 2 or 3 years, interest free.


“About Funeral Plan Management”

The reason Basilica Funerals chose “Funeral Plan Management” is because Funeral Plan Management (FPM) has assisted over 100,000 Australians fund and pay for their funerals since 1984.  FPM is part of Lifplan, a leading Australian specialists fund manager, and the Australian Unity Group - a national healthcare, financial services and retirement living organisation providing services to more than 650,000 Australians, including 300,000 members nationwide.  Since 1840 Australian Unity has been providing services that enhance the wellbeing of Australians throughout the changing stages of their lives.


Organising a funeral is difficult enough when you are grieving, therefore by planning ahead, it will help you to make informed decisions calmly therefore giving you peace of mind, knowing that all your affairs are in order.

Think now about the future, don’t leave these important decisions to your family or friends.